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Green Belarus
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There is a unique nature in Belarus. The oldest forest in Europe is situated in Belarus (the National Park of Belavezhskaya Puscha). 60 % of the Aquatic-worbler population (Acrocephalus-paludicola) is in Belarus more info
Green Belarus
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28.05.2013 |

Open Doors Day in Belarusian country homestays

This time country homestays open their doors to hundreds of tourists, showed their houses, described the services offered, attractions around their B&Bs and of course offered something special to taste. The action involved local tourism administration, craftsmen, folklore groups. more info
05.05.2013 |

The term ‘quest’ is now familiar to homestay owners

In the beginning of May Vidomlya rural settlement hosted an unusual training . The participants got acquainted with an innovative and quiet popular tourist product – questing. Quests are a sort of educational and informative getting one's bearings. After theoretical introduction training participants implemented their knowledge on practical experience: while walking around Vidomlya they defined the key points for a quest, tips and hints, directions. One can say that at the end of the day Vidomlya dwellers already had the first version of quest. more info

Rechnaya Homestay

Specialization: mushrooms and berry picking, excursions,  kayaking, camping, shwimming. 

Services: single, double room, kitchen, indoor toilet, shover, sauna, picnic, place/BBQ, car parking, fruits and vegetables from the garden, hayloft, TV.

Our guests can live:

-         in a house with all conveniences together with the hosts (up to 4 guests);

-         in a separate house (up to 5 guests);

-         in tents (up to 10 guests).

Our guests have a good chance to:

-         fish in the Muhovets river and to catch pike, perch, roach, cat-fish, asp; to go for a geological excursions to gather silicon and amber;

-         walk in the forest to see 500-year-old gigantic oaks, spruce pines and other unique plants;

-         get acquainted with the land’s history by visiting the museum “Village hut” in Zaluzje village, the farmstead and museum of Tadeush Kostiushko, Krupchitskoye field – a place of Suvorov’s battle with rebels, St.Nikita’s church – a wooden architecture monument of the 15th century.

-         enjoy the work of craftsmen (straw-work, embroidery, stone-cutting business);

-         learn how to ride a catamaran, a canoe, to sit over the fire and take a steam bathe in a Russian bathhouse; work on the farm, store up fruits and vegetables for winter, gather berries and mushrooms, to taste home-made wine out of Belarusian grape “Isabella”.

   You are welcome at the farmstead Rechnaya”!

Touritsin Gennadiy

8-7, Rechnaya str.

Zhditovo village       

Zhabinka district

Brest region

Tel. +375298247965



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Welcome to Belarusian farmsteads. It's Your chance to spend fantastic holidays...

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