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Green Belarus
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Famous artist Mark Shagal was born in Belarus. In his pictures you can see people flying over the city, gardens and houses. They were created in London or Paris, but devoted to Vitebsk - Belarusian city, of which Mark Shagal dreamt all his life more info
Green Belarus
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28.05.2013 |

Open Doors Day in Belarusian country homestays

This time country homestays open their doors to hundreds of tourists, showed their houses, described the services offered, attractions around their B&Bs and of course offered something special to taste. The action involved local tourism administration, craftsmen, folklore groups. more info
05.05.2013 |

The term ‘quest’ is now familiar to homestay owners

In the beginning of May Vidomlya rural settlement hosted an unusual training . The participants got acquainted with an innovative and quiet popular tourist product – questing. Quests are a sort of educational and informative getting one's bearings. After theoretical introduction training participants implemented their knowledge on practical experience: while walking around Vidomlya they defined the key points for a quest, tips and hints, directions. One can say that at the end of the day Vidomlya dwellers already had the first version of quest. more info

Alexeiki Homestay

Alexeiki is a double-storey house with all amenities. There is a pond near the house, gazebo covered in vines in the yard and a forest rich in mushrooms and berries just a few paces away. Alexeiki is a perfect place to have a family party to celebration, while holiday-makers will find this location a fascinating place to go hiking, fishing or swimming in the river Grivda. more info

Busljanka Homestay

Hospitable mistress meets you on our farmstead and serves a tasty dinner. We offer you a big splendid two-storied cottage. All conveniences are available. more info

Berezovaya Roscha Homestay

Berezovaya Roscha farmstead is situated in Cherni village (7 km from Brest). There are 5 double rooms in the cottage. The mistress of the farmstead cooks meals for you: milk, eggs, honey, pelmeni, chebureks, vegetables, fruits and other tasty and healthy products. We offer our guests excursions. more info

Brestskaya Homestay

Farmstead Brestskaya is situated 100 meters from Brest in Novyje Zadvorcy. Harmonious combination of modern technologies and careful attitude to Belarusian traditions created the unique wooden complex. There are modern services and entertainments, rural customs and occupations on the farmstead. We offer our guests four comfortable rooms (for 8-10 tourists) in central and guest houses with all conveniences more info

Grechikhi Homestay

The house with all conveniences has three rooms. A bathhouse is available. Our guests can have a rest in comfortable rooms. There is a summerhouse – a place, where it is possible to hide from the baking sun in the daytime and to barbecue in the evening. more info

Domanovskaya Zhemchuzhina Homestay

We offer a two-storied house with all conveniences and wonderful design. We render a high level of service and receive up to 4 guests. We offer three meals a day. There is a forest, rich in mushrooms and berries nearby. more info

Kalinka Homestay

Kalinka Cottage is located in Brest region, in the southern-western par t of Belarus. In a pretty new two-storied house there are six bedrooms, all conveniences, and a sauna. The hosts can also arrange trips to the Brest for tress, the eco-museum of Berestye and the Belovezhskaya Puscha reserve. more info

Khutorok Zvantsa Homestay

Khutorok Zvantsa farmstead is situated on the bank of the Dnepro-bugskij channel. A wooden house with exclusive interior accommodates up to 5 guests. more info

Lesnaya Homestay

Dear friends! Our household is situated in one of the most picturesque places of Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park. It is a peaceful place with virgin nature. There are two small clean forest rivers, where one can swim and go fishing. Our forests are rich in mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs, the air is fresh. Amateurs of hunting with camera gun will find a lot of unexpected. You will stay in a wooden house. more info

Mlynok Homestay

If you seek for an active vacation and wish to instill love to the nature in your children, if you have interest to the history of Belarus and its cultural relics, if you enjoy the smoke of campfire and the smell of hay, if you are not afraid of changing the car wheel to the bike ’s one and the comfortable chair to the canoe ’s seat – come for holidays to Mlynok Cot tage. more info

Na Zarechnoj ulice Homestay

Our farmstead is situated 1.5 km from Brest-Moscow highway, on the Muhovets river bank (50 m). The farmstead is surrounded with trees. There is an old house, two garages and a new mansard brick house on the farmstead. more info

Olizarov Stav Homestay

Olizarov Stav farmstead is situated 20 km from Brest. There are two rooms, a fireplace, a TV set and a library in a wooden house. Hot and cold water, gas and a fridge are available. We receive 8-10 guests. There’s a Russian bathhouse near the birch wood. more info

Panski Sad Homestay

Our farmstead is situated in Polesje. It is a place of Belarusian culture and customs. It is possible to fish in the Pripyats River. We offer you boats and necessary ledger tackles. more info

Polesskie Traditsii Homestay

The farmstead is situated in Andronovo village 2 km from Kobryn. A two-storied house with all necessary conveniences has four large rooms, a large foyer, a bathroom, a shower and a wash-stand on the 1st floor. There is a dining room, a living room and the hosts’ bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with a Russian furnace on the ground floor. more info

Polski maentak Homestay

more info

Prudy Homestay

Our farmstead is situated in a secluded corner of Baranovichi region on the bank o the picturesque lake. At any time of the year one can enjoy nature and find any occupation o his liking: hiking, cycling, gathering of mushrooms, berries, herbs and flowers, fishing, swimming, canoeing, sledging, skiing, sports games and entertainments, excursions to Mir and Nesviz, to Zaosje village – the motherland of Adam Mitskevich, to lake Svityaz, to visit the unique spring and a lot of other places. more info

Pruzanskaya Homestay

The farmstead is situated 35 km from Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, not far fron the center of Pruzhany, near the lake and the forest. Pruzhany is a quiet and clean town with a lot of flowers. more info

Rechnaya Homestay

Our guests have a good chance to: - fish in the Muhovets river and to catch pike, perch, roach, cat-fish, asp; to go for a geological excursions to gather silicon and amber; - walk in the forest to see 500-year-old gigantic oaks, spruce pines and other unique plants; more info

Shestakovo Homestay

A wooden house is situated at the edge of Shestakovo village. There are 5 rooms, a fireplace, a kitchen, a shower and WC in the house. There is a verandah and an attic, where one can enjoy the view of a young blossoming garden. more info

Sporovskaya Homestay

The farmstead is situated on the lakeside. The house has all conveniences (a bath, a shower, a telephone, a TV set, a wash machine). The guests are offered single, double and triple bedrooms. It is possible to put up a tent, to park a car here. The guests of the farmstead can rest in the cafe; swim in the pool, play billiards, take a steam bath in a bathhouse. more info

Solovjinaya Roscha Homestay

The farmstead is situated in Silische village and is surrounded with a forest. There is a two-storied house with an exclusive interior for 6 guests (or 2 families). There is a fireplace, a Russian bathhouse, a pool n the farmstead more info

Somino Homestay

Somino farmstead is situated in Ivatsevichi district of Brest region in Somino village. There is a clean and deep lake, rich in roach, perch, pike, tench, bream, and crayfish, nearby. There are some other lakes not far from the farmstead – Bobrovichskoje Lake in the north-west (23 km) and Vygonovskoje Lake in the north (18 km). more info

Zhemchuzhina Polesjya Homestay

Zhemchuzhina Polesjya farmstead is a modern Belarusian house with two furnished double rooms, a big sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen, a lavatory, a bathroom, an open verandah, and a warm garage. The house is built out of natural tree (pine, oak). Central water-supply, autonomous hot-water heating, hot water is available. more info

Forgotten Paradise Homestay

A two-storied house has 5 rooms, a lavatory and hot water. There is a forest around the house. more info

Berezina Homestay

The farmstead is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the Berezina River, which is well-known for connoisseurs of excellent fishing and hunting. On the territory of the farmstead there is a billiard room, Russian bath, summer kitchen, parking lot, volleyball court, a place for barbecue. The house has three bedrooms, living room with fireplace, dining room, a kitchen. more info

Kaplej Homestay

Kaplej farmstead is situated 180 km from Minsk in Svetlogorsk district, in Parichi village. The house with all conveniences has 4 rooms and a fireplace. There is a winter garden, a bathhouse, a pool on the farmstead. more info

Fisherman’s House Homestay

The farmstead is situated on the Sozh River bank, near Iljich village, 10 km from Gomel. It is possible to rest in a comfortable cottage with all conveniences or to put up tents. more info

Landlord’s Garden Homestay

Our farmstead is situated in Polesje. It is a place of Belarusian culture and customs. It is possible to fish in the Pripyats River. We offer you boats and necessary ledger tackles. more info

Nickolin ostrov Homestay

The farmstead is located in a picturesque nature corner untouched by human hands. The surrounding landscape is a nature protected area. The main attraction of the farmstead is 17 meters high windmill of the 19th century, historical and cultural heritage object of the Republic of Belarus. more info

Milogradskaya Homestay

The farmstead is situated in Milograd village, in Rechitsa district of Gomel region, on the Dnepr river bank. There is a forest rich in mushrooms and berries nearby. more info

The Farm Homestay

64 km from Petrikov in a small village of Demenkov, on the bank of the beautiful River Ptich, the farmstead "The farm" is hidden. Gazebos for recreation, sports ground, a great Russian bath, brew hut, where guests will learn to cook real "poleshutsky" moonshine, a walk to the beaver huts on the Polesie swamps, water skiing, horseback riding, picking berries, mushrooms, herbs and just walk along the forest paths - will leave pleasant memories. The farmstead has the opportunity to accommodate 10 people. more info

‘Spatkanne’ Homestay

‘Spatkanne’ Homestay is an original guest house for family and individual rest. The owners surprise their guests with hospitality and service. There are guest rooms on the second floor, children’s room, where they can play different games and learn foreign languages. Parents can leave their child and enjoy rest in natural surroundings. more info

‘Svidnoe’ Homestay

‘Svidnoe’ Homestay is situated in the village of Svidnoe near the town of Lelchitsy. We have 7 houses, 4 from them have with living rooms. There is a tavern on the homestay. All houses are built from wood, equipped with stoves, and roofs made from cane. more info

Paradise corner Homestay

The farmstead is located in a pictorial corner of the country. So what the farmstead is notable for? From early spring to late autumn it smells sweet with various scents – chestnut, rowan, lilac, and snowball trees fill the air with scents changing one after another. On evenings and nights the silence around make you relax, the same as nightingale ’s singing on mornings. more info

Alba Ruthenia Homestay

The farmstead “Alba Ruthenia” is located in the Grodno region, 140 km from Minsk, 120 km from Grodno, near the road M6. In the picturesque lakes and rivers Neman, Gavya and Zhizhma, which is near the farmstead, you can fish, swim, go boating, feel the beauty of nature. In a non-polluted forest there are many mushrooms, berries and animals. Rustic scenery, fresh air is around. As a result - great mood, relax of your body and soul. more info

At The Ferry Homestay

We offer accommodation in a wooden cottage with all conveniences. There are all conditions to spend here your honeymoon or hold private receptions, family holidays, corporate parties or parties for friends. more info

Dokudovo Homestay

Welcome to Dokudovo Farmstead! It is located in Lida region, Grodno oblast. You can have an opportunity of learning to milk a cow, to ride a horse. Our guests can also take part in national holidays, customs and local events. more info

‘Lja Svjatska’ homestay

Our homestay is situated 18 km from Grodno, near the Avgustovskii channel (8 km). We can accommodate up to 8 people (1 room on the first floor and 3 rooms on the second floor). ‘Lja Svjatska’ homestay invites you to have a rest with relatives and friends away from the city. We propose 4 comfortable rooms in a big house, which was built in traditional country style. ‘Lja Svjatska’ homestay is a lively example of combination of modern comfort and heritage. There are all facilities in the house: toilet, shower, gas-stove, roaster. The combination of wood, stone, and metal in design of the house creates a medieval atmosphere, taking you into the past. more info

‘Matjuliansky kutok’ homestay

‘Matjuliansky kutok’ homestay is situated in the village Matjuliany (5 km from Smorgon). There is a home-made lake reservoir, Vilia river and Vishnevskoe lake near the homestay. more info

‘Near Neman’ Homestay

‘Near Neman’ Homestay is situated in the village Morino not far from Minsk – Grodno motorway. A wooden house with a big terrace has all facilities: 2 bedrooms for 7 beds, big kitchen with Russian oven, steam room with shower, WC. Nearby you can find nature protected area "Razdory”, Neman river with comfortable beach and a forest. You can visit the town of Ivje, where you will see Tatar mosque, a Catholic and Orthodox church, Jewish synagogue, museum of national cultures and bypass the "Golden Ring" of Ivje district. You can visit the castle in Lida (30 km from the homestay), Novogrudok - motherland of Adam Mickiewicz. more info

Novoselki Homestay

Novoselki Farmstead is located in the village of Novoselki, Mosty region, Grodno oblast. At the farmstead there is a small museum of country life and culture. There are also some exotic birds such as pheasants, guinea hens and quails. You will have an opportunity of watching African ostriches and tasting meals made of ostrich eggs. more info

‘Over Gavja’ Homestay

Our homestay is situated on the bank of the Gavja river. It is located on the border between Lida and Ivje districts in the village Zalejki. We offer you a wooden house, in which 8 people can comfortable stay for the night. There are 2 rooms with the fire place and oven, equipped kitchen, bathroom, shower and WC. If you want you can stay in the same house with owners on the second floor (6-8 beds). There is the place to have rest outdoors (for 50 people) on the homestay’s territory. more info

Over Neman Homestay

The cottage is located in Grodno oblast, not far from Lida and close to the small town of Berezovka. Our guests will be provided a wonderful opportunity of rafting down the Neman River on a wooden raft (6-8 persons). more info

Svityazyanka Homestay

The hosts can offer accommodation in three bedrooms in a large cottage that has all conveniences. A rich choice of domestic animals will give your children opportunities to see pigs, hens, turkeys, gooses and a cow. Your meals will surely consist of ecologically clean foodstuffs! more info

Lidskij khutorok Homestay

Farmstead “Lidskij khutorok” is located 170 km from Minsk on the outskirts of Lida in the park area. It is a peculiar village in the city, hidden under the canopy of the high lime trees, birches and oaks. Nearby buildings are more than 500 meters away. more info

Veres Homestay

Welcome to one of the best farms in Belarus – Veres Farmstead. the farm has on its territory the entire infrastructure required to hold celebrations, conferences, seminars, meetings and it is capable to accommodate up to 30 persons. more info

Akolitsa Homestay

"Akolitsa" farmstead near Minsk and sport complex Raubichi is an unforgettable corner of Belarusian nature. We invite you to spend a pleasant holiday enjoying our services. The genuine wooden Russian sauna on firewood, home cuisine, dishes from the oven, lake for swimming, where one could fine trout and sturgeon in summer and a hole with spring water and light in winter. And this is not the full list of pleasures that we can offer you. more info

Damelka Homestay

In a picturesque corner of Belarus a cozy "Damelka" farmstead is situated. Here you will find everything for VIP, group and family holidays. The farmstead’s territory (1 ha) is surrounded by the pine forest. There is a stocked lake nearby. more info

Zarechany Homestay

Zarechany Cottage is located in the Pukhovichy region of Minsk oblast. The cottage owners can host 4 to 12 people of different ages. You can also hold celebrations of birthdays, family holidays, spend here an unforgettable night during the Belarusian national holiday of Kupala and come for Christmas and the New Year ’s Eve holidays to Zarechany Cottage. more info

Vyasiolaya hata Homestay

Do you wish to relax in the countryside far from the hustle and worries? Are you planning a wedding, anniversary, corporate party or just want to give a rest to your body and soul? Are you tired of routine and standards and would you like to see something new? Then you should definitely visit our farmstead "Vyasiolaya hata" (Jolly Hut). more info

Krolichya nora Homestay

The farmstead is situated on the bank of Minsk Lake. Environmentally friendly house is made of rounded logs. Interior finish is made from natural materials. Two-level rooms with all conveniences (clean natural water (wells), water - hot and cold water, WC, LCD TV, DVD, refrigerator, kitchenette with utensils, table, chairs, a wide double bed with mattresses Vegas, bedding and towels). There is a free parking for 6 cars. There are equipped places with a barbecue, firewood, grill, skewers, outdoor furniture. more info

Martsinova Goose Homestay

Ludmila and Alexander Bely’s farmstead "Martsinova Goose" (49 km from Moscow Ring Road on Grodno direction) is a perfect place for corporate events, seminars, weddings, birthday celebrations and other special occasions. This is a typical wooden ‘dworek’ (farmstead) of the petty gentry, with wooden roofing. more info

Magiya kamnya Homestay

15-minute drive from the Minsk city center there is a farmstead, located in a pine forest near the village Zatsen, where you and your guests will be provided with the opportunity to plunge into the world of comfort, enjoy outdoor recreation and be charged by energy of the magic stones. The farmstead "Magic stone" is appropriate for business meetings in informal atmosphere, friendly leisure for small companies, holding family and romantic encounters. The rocks’ spirit embodied in the statues, energy of people, who made them with their own hands, will not leave you indifferent and will immerse you in the atmosphere of creativity and arts. more info

‘Studenka’ Homestay

‘Studenka’ Homestay is situated in historical place, where battles of Russian troops and Napoleon's armies took place. There are 4 monuments dedicated to this fact, which you can visit. more info

Among Friends Farmstead on Berezina River

The Among Friends Cottage will be happy to admit you to the circle of nature and active leisure lovers any time of the year. The river bends, numerous canals and former river-beds will conquer the hearts of those who like fishing and hunting. more info

Forest Edge Homestay

Vacations in virgin forests in Nalibokskaya Pushcha will help you recover your health and gain peace of mind. With all our heart, we invite you to visit our cottage. more info

Coaching Inn Homestay

A harmonized combination of modern technologies and a careful attitude to Belarusian customs have created this unique complex built of wood and ashlars. The cottage provides a natural combination of modern types of services and entertainments along with country customs and pastimes. more info

Komarovo Homestay

Dear ladies and gentlemen, If you are tired of the city hustle or cannot endure air flights and do not like flying to the Canaries, come to visit us in Komarovo. You will enjoy its provincial silence, pictorial landscapes and almost virginal nature of the National Reserve ‘Narochansky ’. more info

Vyazynka Homestay

Vyazynka village is a place of birth of famous Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala. Here you can appreciate the true beauty of nature, praised by Belarusian poet. Beautiful landscapes, forests, ponds, beaver dams, springs, trout in the crystal clear waters of the Vyazynka river, nightingales’ songs at night will give you unforgettable romantic moments. Healing juniper-pine air of our farmstead and floral aroma will fill your body with vital force throughout the upcoming week. The farmstead is surrounded by a beautiful, artistically decorated garden, drowning in flowers. more info

Ganka Homestay

Ganka Farmstead is situated in a restful picturesque place on the edges of Epimahi village. It is surrounded by beautiful garden and endless fields. Silence, soul harmony and coziness will be companions of your rest. There are many good places to rest on the large green farmstead territory: arbours, hammocks, deck chairs and a small lake which is very suitable for boating and fishing. more info

‘Gulenkovo’ homestay

We offer to visit ‘Gulenkovo’ homestay. This is a place for those appreciating nature and a feeling of tranquility. The homestay is a comfortable log house in proximity to the lake surrounded by forests. more info

Krug druzej Homestay

"Krug druzej” farmstead is located 90 km from Minsk on the banks of the Berezina River. If you want to enjoy the quiet after city bustle, admire the unspoiled pristine nature, breath fresh air, gain strength for success, our farmstead is the perfect place for a holiday. Berezina River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Belarus, with its picturesque beaches, abundance of fish, variety of animals and birds it always attracts ecotourism lovers. more info

Terraces Homestay

Country Club "Terraces" welcomes guests all year round. The territory of the farmstead is situated on the edge of Naliboky Forest. Complete privacy and lack of neighbors create good conditions for rest from the city. Naliboky Forest is the largest forest in Belarus with extremely rich flora and fauna. Here you can find wild boar, elk, deer, fox, and just from the windows of the farmstead you can observe beavers and wild ducks. On the farmstead there are two guest houses with the necessary amenities. Log house with cosy bedrooms, hand made furniture and delicate scent of wood creates an atmosphere of peace of mind and warmth. House has the form of esoteric pyramid, where there is a spacious conference room for seminars and business meetings. more info

Lolua Homestay

The farmstead surrounded from all sides by forests is located in the village of Ponizovye. You will enjoy a unique combination of Georgian hospitability, comfort and beautiful nature. more info

Old Mill Homestay

Admit you have not once dreamed of giving up all businesses and going for a week or two to some farmstead in countryside, free of city hustle and troubles, where one can leave behind any problems and live for his own pleasure enjoying the wind scenting of meadow herbs, the screeching of storks and the smell of fresh hay. All this is waiting for you at the Stary Mlyn Farmstead. more info

On Selyava Lake Homestay

If you are tired of urban noise and vanity, dream of peace and calmness, welcome to our farmstead. The farmstead is situated 160 km from Minsk. A wooden house with all conveniences is at your disposal. You can sit at fire, listen to music (a music center, a TV set are available). more info

Syabryna Homestay

Sometimes such moments occur in life, when you want to stop, take a break from the rapid race between work, home, fitness, etc., and be alone with nature, breathe fresh air, sit on a green, dewy grass, listen to birds singing, eat wild berries. The farmstead "Syabryna" offers exactly that type of a holiday. Not far from the house there is a beautiful forest, where logging into the trees one forgets about all the troubles, peace and calmness reigns in his heart. No matter what people say but trees can heal. It is also close to a small lake and the river Ptich, which feeds many springs. In order to drink the crystal-clear, "living" water from a spring you just turn the tap in the house, because the artesian water is fed by water supply system. more info

The Inn Homestay

The farmstead "The Inn" is located five kilometers from Rakov, in the village Kuchkuny that is 25 km from Minsk Ring Road. The harmonious combination of modern technology and respect for the Belarusian traditions created a unique set of wood and cut stone. The farmstead naturally combines modern services and entertainments with village traditions. more info

‘U Gavrilovicha’ Homestay

Our homestay is situated in the cleanest region of Belarus with many lakes around. It is Lepel district. We are 175 km from Minsk and 80 km from Vitebsk (5 km from the motorway). It is quiet corner on the outskirts of a small village, surrounded by the lake and the forest. more info

Za mostochkom Homestay

Welcome to the farmstead "Za mostochkom!" Here you will find a warm welcome, unique nature and the possibility of active holiday. The farmstead is situated 75 km from Minsk on the picturesque coast of the Western Berezina River. Do you want to rest well in any weather? Do you need peace and quiet? This is what we offer. Or maybe you want an unforgettable experience of an active holiday? This is also what we have. We offer comfortable accommodation for your family and friends in a cozy country house with all amenities. The house has a Russian stove with bench on it, satellite TV, karaoke, DVD with collection of movies and music. more info

Vilia Homestay

The cottage is located in the outskirts of Vileyka, not far from the Vilia River. This is an ideal place for both active and quiet leisure, which you will enjoy thanks to the hospitable and cheerful hosts. more info

Pine Lakeside Sports-House

The Pine Lakeside Sports-House is located 160 km from Minsk in the Narochansky National Park. are right behind the cottage. The Sports-House is designed for the visitors who like active leisure. more info

" V Prilesje" Homestay

Not far from noisy capital there is the place, which we can call paradise for all who like to have a rest in nature and appreciates privacy – ‘V Prilesje’ country homestay. There are wonderful stones house, big courtyard, sauna, garden house with grill. The house is combination of ancient style and modern technologies. There are all necessary communications, different household appliances and equipment, new furniture, dishes, etc. more info

‘Priluchki’ homestay

Our homestay is situated just 7 km from Minsk, at 20 minute drive from the train station. We offer you a new house. While constructing and decorating it we used only natural, traditional Belarusian materials. more info

Dneprovskaya Homestay

Our farmstead is situated on the Dnepr river bank and surrounded with meadows. We offer two rooms (a Russian furnace and a fire place), a kitchen, and a dining-room-verandah. There are fruit and vegetable gardens on the farmstead. We offer our guests fresh fruits and vegetables. more info

Izabella Homestay

Sheltered in the shadow of old trees, Izabella Cottage was built on the foundation remained from an ancient manor of Izabella dukes. Coming out of the cottage you get into a garden that is like a real Eden, with flowers far and wide. A clear lake nearby rolls waves to weeping willows on its banks. more info

U Lukomorya Homestay

We offer a well-equipped house and can receive up to 30 guests. A Russian bathhouse, a stationary brazier, a fireplace, a pool-font, billiards, a reservoir with fish, a sandy beach, a garden, a forest, hunting, fishing are at you service. It is possible to organize cycling and skiing, to visit the farmstead and the grave of the famous artist Nerev, the farmstead of general Chernayev, the apiary, where you can buy sweet-scented honey. more info

‘Alexandrina’ Homestay

‘Alexandrina’ homestay is situated on the farm near the lake Dolgoe 17 km from от Vitebsk, not far from Lipovcy village. Homestay has a territory of 1 hectare with a private beach. There are mixed forest with ecological trails and pine forest along the lake. In summer you can walk in forest, swim, boat, go fishing, hunting, play table tennis, darts, chess, checkers. In winter you can go fishing, hunting, skiing, sledding and ice skating. We guaranty comfort and privacy for you. more info

‘Balsan’ Homestay

‘Balsan’ country homestay consists of a house, farm buildings and bathhouse. There is a place equipped for cooking in the open air, two ponds and a winter garden. ‘Balsan’ homestay is located near a large forest, Ikazn lake, and an outstanding church, which was built in the early 20th century. more info

Beaver’s Hut Homestay

The old-style house built of century-old pines stands on the bank of the Prolobno, a pictorial forest lake – one of the beautiful Rossony lakes necklace. Our guests will have all conditions for pleasant vacations here. more info

‘Elochki-holiday’ homestay

‘Elochki-holiday’ homestay is situated 1 km from Vitebsk-Minsk motorway (M3) in eco-friendly area, surrounded by pine trees, on the shore of the Krugloe lake. Distance from Vitebsk is 25 km, from Minsk - 235 km, from Moscow – 535 km. The total area of the homestay is 2400 sq.m. more info

Khoren Homestay

The farmstead is located in the village of Klyastitzy, Rossony region, 45 km from Polotzk. A cottage with all conveniences stands on the bank of the Nischa River. The village of Klyastitzy of Rossony region is a very interesting historical place. more info

Krolova Hata Homestay

The village of Zaborye is located in one of the most ecologically clean places of Belarus –the Rossony region of the Vitebsk oblast. We have nice offers for those who wish to improve their health – therapeutic muds and hydrothermal waters. Outfit rental services are available. The variety of hiking trips will let you join the wonderful world of the Nature and Harmony. more info

‘Mazurny bereg’ homestay

On ‘Mazurny bereg’ homestay we offer fishing, hunting and walking in forest and near the life-giving streams. You will get unforgettable impressions from meeting with nature. Life-giving streams will give the life strong and poetic romance to you! You can to have a rest in comfortable houses on the bank of the Dvina river. Russian steam will warm you up. After a night on the oak bed and under a soft feather blanket, prowess and enthusiasm will come back to you! We have the bathhouse made from natural wood. After bathhouse you can to seat beside fireplace with your friends. If you a businessman, you can organize a meeting with business partners in our homestay. You can make a present for your family or colleagues and spend your holidays on our homestay. We have good weather all year round. more info

‘Priozernaya’ Homestay

‘Priozernaya’ Homestay is located 150 km from Minsk in the Stary Lepel village in a picturesque corner of the Lepel district on the bank of Lepel lake. Place is connected by roads with Minsk, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Borisov, Orsha. more info

Yanovo Homestay

Yanovo farmstead is situated I Polotsk district (25 km from Polotsk), in Bikulnichi village, near the highway “Minsk – Polotsk”, on a picturesque isle. The Yanovo Lake is near the village. There are 4 bedrooms, a fireplace and a kitchen in a two-storied house. We created all conditions for healthy and pleasant res. All rooms of the house are made of pine. There is a central heating in the house. There are two lavatories and a shower on the ground floor, one lavatory is o the first floor. more info

‘Zapovedny ostrov’ Homestay

When you cross the bridge over the small stream, you fare in the different world without noise, hassles and worries. Here everything is different, simple and harmonious – already with the first sip of local air... Nobody stayed indifferent after visiting this place in first time… more info

‘Zhivitsa’ homestay

‘Zhivitsa’ homestay is situated on the bank of the deepest lake in Belarus (56,7 m deep). It is called ‘Dolgoe’. The lake is a nature protected area. Homestay is 50 km from Polotsk, 150 km from Vitebsk, 190 km from Minsk. more info


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